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I gave you all of me and you through me to the wolves.

You said you loved me But what does that really prove

Your actions spoke louder than any of your words could

Then Flipped it made it my fault like i knew you would
So now im the one hurt like i did you wrong 

Listening to 90s heart break and love songs

Smoke in the air, taking shots, crying and singing along

Understanding where *blank* was coming from 
You left with broken promises I Left With words unsaid

You left with my heart and now im left with an empty bed 

You left me with memories the ones  flooding my head

Cant wait until its over but wait im thinking ahead
See you were the one who acted blind and the one who couldnt see

The one who pointed fingers the one who blamed me

The one who said “I wouldn’t” the one who said “Nope Not Me”

The who said “Man you trippin… Shes just friend from the east”
So you can have the texts, late night calls, ol girl “from the east”

I know who i am, what im worth so ima set you free

I will always come to your mind and that I guarantee

You cant just hurt a good one and expect karma to over see