❀ Heart=Brain ❀


​Floating on Clouds

Swimming in air 

Realities like these

Are often very rare

When the Heart Spoke

And the brain just stared

Learning of emotions

Such as feelings and cares

Trying to understand it

To understand why there

Taking in her own thoughts

Mixing things up only wanting to share

Trying to find truth

Trying to make it fair

Only to learn that just cuz you’re lonely

Doesn’t mean you have to be paired

And so the heart wanted to go back

Way back to when the brain only stared

So when all the heart worried about

Were feelings and cares

Back when things seemed simple

Always different and most rare

Learning and teaching

When to her: “things seem fair”



Pieces 🌺


and Maybe you’ll never get it or wont understand

But through it all im a continue to be who i am

Stand tall, head to the sky, feet firmely in the sand

Head full of knowledge, words quick, never blan

If i Give you a piece of me hold it with both hands

Never let go remember its all part of a plan

God gave me this peace to share with the land

Young, old, small, tall, female and man

Living your full potiential

Learning in your own class

Excepting your truths and forgetting your past

Remembering the Good

Letting go of all Bad

Listening Closely

Without speaking so Fast

-XtinaC πŸ‘‘

πŸ’Ž Relationships πŸ’Ž



In a Relationship 

You have your partners back the Best


Take Down Every Rumor
And Put negativity Down to Rest

Others Will Talk down
You shut that down Quick

Let the World know what’s Yours
No time for the Extra Shit

You Defend, Love, nourish
Every inch of the Soul

Rise them above Water
Cause the bottom can be so Cold

Get Lost in their Mind
Stay trapped in their Heart

Be the Hand to reach
When Life’s falling apart

They’re going to always want to talk
Be their ears and listen

Show them that you appreciate them
& remember they deserve your attention

Give them your feed back
Show them you care
Cause your opinion means so much

Be Slow to take
& Quick to Give
No need to Run
No need to Rush

Cherish every moment
Get ready for each ride

Acknowledge all the Lows
And no matter what
Stick by each others side

Love them without Worry
Love them without Shame

Show them your in it for the long run
No time for Childish Games

Respect and honor them
Love them with all loyalty

Treat them like no other
Rare, Different
Something Like Royalty

-XTinaC πŸ‘‘



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Beyond all Limits
Beyond ordinary Experiences
We hold something far greater 
Something greater than existence 

We are beings far greater then most
We are the Guests We are the Hosts
We live for the sun
We breathe for the moon
We are united we are the truth

We are strong as gravity
And light as a feather 
Whatever the storm 
We are built for all weathers

We are made different 
Unique in our own ways
We were Gods Children
Before we were given our Names 


I know…


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It’s all in the eyes
So you don’t ever have to speak
I know what’s your kryptonite 
I know what makes you weak

I know what keeps you up all night 
Nightmares makes it hard for you to sleep 
And everytime you speak from the heart
Your mind begins to leak

I know that you keep it all inside 
And how you let anger reach its peak
I know you wanna let it out 
But scared of what others think

And how everytime someone gets close 
Your insides begin to sink 
And everytime you need a hand
Your hand is hard to reach 




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She wore her crown on high

Like she owned the world

Golden Color Skin

a Head full of curls

She was walking inspiration

She inspired other girls 

Impressed with morals

Never by diamonds or pearls

She Accepted everyone

Educated knowledge and truth

And when the world got rough

She knew exactly what to do 

She walked in grace & power

Never blinded by fools 

She has her head on right

Standing tall ready to rule


In the End…


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In The End…
You will know what’s important to you

If all the I Love Yous were False or True

Or If all the Hugs & Kisses were Genuine or Not

&& if All those shoulders you cried on were really Your Rock

In the End…
You will know what’s important to you

If every hand you touched saw the Beauty in you

Or if all the Smiling faces, knew it they smiled because of you

And if all the Hearts you mended saw the Helpful in You 


God Told Me…


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God Whispered in my Ear, Told me some good news today 

That things are going to get better, No matter how heavy things Weigh

Told me to smile everything going to be ok

To take deep breathes and how he listens to everything I say

Slowly but surely, Blessings are coming to you

Just keep your head up high and always follow the truth

Evil comes disguised as beauty you know

Just keep following Good no matter where it goes

The Bumpier the road the better things will be

It will teach you lessons and keep following me

Remember I’ll never leave you no matter how hard it gets

Keep doing you part dear child and I’ll do the rest 




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I’ve been homeless before with no place to go

I tried reaching out but know one wanted to know

Sleeping in a car

Shit wasn’t a joke

Using Public Pool showers 

Sometimes having no soap

Having to smile

When you want to frown

Nothing can bring you up

When you’re feeling down

Doing your best

Trying to be a good mother

Doing what you have to do

So your child doesn’t know hunger

Feeling so lost 

Trying to find a way

Trying to keep your family together

When you really wanted to runaway

Putting the pieces together

When nothing made sense

Praying all night

Running on day with no rest

Wanting to die

Because your dead inside

Looking for hope

With tears in your eyes

Trying to understand 

But nothing comes to mind

Looking for God

Knowing he’s on your side 

Expecting the truth

Even when you want to lie

Looking side to side 

Trying to find the signs

Working super hard

So you can turn it inside out

Knowing you have heart and soul

No matter how much you break down




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Mentally Connected
No Words Exchanged 
The Beauty that’s Deep
A Love rearranged 

Loving You No Exceptions 
A Love Without Judgement 
Take me for who I am 
And I’ll take you without Questions 

Our Souls Aligned 
Perfectly Mine
Building Our Empire
We are Right on Time 

Loving You Deeply 
Excepting All Flaws 
What a Beautiful Sight it Is
Once You Knock down all Your Walls