We Are….


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We are….

We are earth people

on a spiritual path

Focused on the future

learning from the past

Traditional wisdom

With Ancient craft

Warriors to war paint

Healers to their Masks

Loving others slowly

Spreading Light Fast

It’s Soul over Flesh

When Cosmic and ego Clash

Spiritually enlightened

No need for all the mass

Who are you deep inside

When All Lives Crash

Who are you underneath

When flesh doesn’t last

What’s the color of your soul

When light is all we have

-XtinaC 👑


🌹 Growing 🌹


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Sometimes we Go through things

Forgetting that we can Grow through them.

Forgetting that we are all flowers

Wild Flowers, sunflowers, Gardens of Roses

Blooming and Growing in our own ways

Internally Flowing, Glowing and Shinning 

Like Gems freshly out of the Refinery 

Molded and Uniquely put Together 

Bursting with Emotions, Feelings and thoughts 

Like the stars at night in which they illuminate within us

Each with their own sound and Tune

Living for the moment and praying on better tomorrow’s too

​👑 she 👑


If she Was to let it all go
what would she truly hold

The weight of her heart

the weight of her soul

her prayers at night

and a God Who is So Whole

the Weight Of her mind

an aura of glittery gold

Strength in her eyes

and Warmth When its Cold

the laughter in her smile

the light in her glow

With a familiar Face

A Face of home

the Skin Colored and Beautifully  timeless

stories inked on her Skin more precious then Diamonds

✨ Within ✨


Within you is the light of a thousand suns

Condenced and Compressed… Combining them into one 

Created imperfectly correct never put together wrong

And to always remain humble, compassionate, and strong
Your real self will eventually shine  through

Auras of all shades…that gold light in you

Realizations of the truth

You are divinely protected, guided to your highest good
Beyond all suffering theres nothing but beauty

The deeper you dig the more you feel serenity

The essence of who you are

The growth of a seed

The divine that lives in you

Is the divine that lives within me




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And It became clear to her

What she needed to do 

Bring in the Light

Nourish Life from the roots

Bring in the Love

Teach the World About Truth

See God Gave Her the Eye

The Eye to start a New

Paint flowers in the Skies

Trees of huge fruits

Fruits of Gold Seeds

Creating a brand New You

Good vibes and Energy

Swimming in the Enlightened pool

Dive into the soul

Align all your chakras too

Speak good into existence

Watch the manifestations move

Beautiful ripples in your wave

Feeding knowledge like food

Empowering the next

Making the right moves

Trusting in God… The God in Me and The God in You

-XtinaC 👑


 How can you do that to her

Then come around and act Like you didnt sin

How can you hurt her like that

Damage her crown put marks on her butterscotch skin

You see those beautiful Almond eyes

Yea you hurt those too

The ones you fell in love with

Now black and blue
That smile that brightens your day

No longer there

Turned into a hateful frown

How is that fair?
You murdered her inside

With words meant to kill

You cut her securities

Made her insides very ill
Yea she’s left with physical damages

But what about the ones you cant see

Those are the ones that will haunt her

Making it hard for her to sleep

Those are the ones that’ll 
make it harder for the next one coming in

Sad how you killed her internally 

and getting away with murder… Once again

Hurting Good Ones 


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I gave you all of me and you through me to the wolves.

You said you loved me But what does that really prove

Your actions spoke louder than any of your words could

Then Flipped it made it my fault like i knew you would
So now im the one hurt like i did you wrong 

Listening to 90s heart break and love songs

Smoke in the air, taking shots, crying and singing along

Understanding where *blank* was coming from 
You left with broken promises I Left With words unsaid

You left with my heart and now im left with an empty bed 

You left me with memories the ones  flooding my head

Cant wait until its over but wait im thinking ahead
See you were the one who acted blind and the one who couldnt see

The one who pointed fingers the one who blamed me

The one who said “I wouldn’t” the one who said “Nope Not Me”

The who said “Man you trippin… Shes just friend from the east”
So you can have the texts, late night calls, ol girl “from the east”

I know who i am, what im worth so ima set you free

I will always come to your mind and that I guarantee

You cant just hurt a good one and expect karma to over see